About Us

Loyal Vending is the premier vending machine service management in Southern California. Serving clients in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County and San Diego. We provide our clients with convenient, traditional and healthy snacks and refreshments, as well as thirst-quenching beverages so they can fuel their customers and employees. From the selection process to the delivering, stocking and servicing of our vending machines, Loyal Vending works side-by-side with our clients to exceed their expectations. We utilizing state-of-the-art vending equipment and we proudly provide our clients with a variety of vending services, office coffee service and related food services.

Loyal Vending is a family owned and operated Vending Machine Management Service. We started in West Los Angeles and we currently serve all of Southern California. Loyal Vending offers a complete Vending Management Service. We install all the vending machines, keep them routinely stocked with the inventory of your choice, and we handle all the service and management of the vending machines.

Our Vending machines serve Snacks, Beverages, Coffee. We always welcome requests! We offer our services to a wide variety of clients, such as schools, companies, apartment buildings, factories, automobile dealerships and government facilities.

We provide ourselves in being able to treat all our clients with the same great service whether they are a high profile company or a smaller need. We currently service companies that range from 75 employees, to 2,000 employees.

Contact us for questions and we look forward to providing you with the great service that makes us the premier Vending Management Service in Southern California.


Clearly displayed on the front of all our machines is our service phone number for anyone to call (818-949-VEND). All calls will be handled by our service mechanics who are equipped with a beeper at all times to insure a prompt response to calls. Every call is logged as to the nature of the problem and how it was solved. This log is open to all of our clients. Our automated service hotline works around the clock, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.


All of our route personnel and service technicians are instructed to make immediate refunds when informed by an individual while on location. A refund log and bank will be provided at your site and this will be replenished by our service person on a regular basis.


Loyal Vending values quality of the environment and uses recycled paper products. To the extent possible we utilize recyclable food containers and will work with you to promote and encourage recycling.


Loyal Vending’s commitment to meeting the varied preferences of your staff, visitors and guests is represented by the large selection of brand name products made available to you through our vending program. Our menu selections are determined by you with a menu rotation that provides variety, quality, and attention to individual preferences.


Loyal Vending is constantly testing and introducing new products that will create interest and excitement among your employees.


Loyal Vending uses Machine Inventory Detail Report which is intended to provide an Inventory Value for a selected date for each Point of Sale.

This report can include Item Level details, so that you can clearly see from where the calculations have been derived. The report can only be run for a single date. Therefore, the system will search for the last posted Vend Visit, on or before the report date for each ‘Active’ Point of Sale in the selected group. All data and report details will be supplied in reference to this last Vend Visit.
The data in the report will be sorted by: Customer, Location, Point of Sale and Product Line Items.

Subsidized Vending

Sharing the cost of vended products with your employees is an innovative way to reward them. Products are tracked by internal vending machine meters, our handheld computers, and regular machine inventories.

Monthly invoices from Loyal Vending show in detail what products were purchased, in addition to the subsidized balance due.

 “Customer Service sets us apart”

Talk with some of our customers and you’ll quickly find out that “Customer Service” is more than a marketing slogan to us.  Reliability, Responsiveness, Accuracy, and Trust are the pillars of our success.  Our Customer Service Standard is not only a refreshing way to do business; it’s a lower cost way to do business – saving you time and money!

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