Why Are Healthy Snack Vending Machines in Los Angeles Becoming Popular?

Whenever someone hears about vending machines and snacks, they start thinking about those unhealthy drinks full sugar and empty calories or those snacks that are full of saturated fats and quite unhealthy. Well, today the vending industry is embracing the need for healthier products. This is important because everyone is concerned about eating healthy and staying healthy. Eating healthy snacks and drinks means less sick days for employees, efficiency at work because the employees get the right amount of energy, sharp minds for kids and healthy bodies for everyone. Healthy snack vending machines in Los Angeles are increasingly becoming popular and here is why:

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Complete Healthy Foods and Snacks

The healthy snack vending machines in Los Angeles offer healthy, freshly made, snacks, drinks, and foods for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. For those who wish to eat a snack between meals can also enjoy a healthy snack with less or no sugar or artificial sweeteners. With these vending machines, you do not have to leave your workplace just to find something to eat. They offer complete meals which are healthy and delicious.

Nutrient-Rich Products

Have you noticed that almost every person is trying to stay healthy and keep fit? It is no longer a matter of eating a snack for the sake of it, people are looking for nutrient-rich products that will not only reduce hunger pangs but also nourish their bodies. Having a healthy snack vending machine at your business establishment, school or office will ensure that all the people that will require a snack or a meal, get the right product that has the required amounts of nutrients to ensure that they get the right nourishment required by their bodies.

Support Organic and Natural Products

Natural and organic snacks and fruit juices are increasingly becoming popular in the vending machine industry. This is because consumers are demanding organic and all natural products. To ensure that they provide what the consumers are looking for, vending machines service providers in Los Angeles are working around the clock with producers and manufacturers of all natural and organic products to bring these products to the consumer. If you want an organic or an all-natural fruit juice or snack, simply go to healthy snack vending machine and get yourself what you want.

Gluten-Free Products

It is without a doubt that there is an urgent need for gluten-free products. There are those individuals who require gluten-free diets. Unfortunately, not all vending machine service providers understand this. Not are the people on gluten-free diets going to benefit from the availability of products that do not contain gluten but also those people who just want something different. Therefore, ensuring that gluten-free products are available in vending machines is a healthy decision, any service provider who is keen on providing healthy foods and snacks should make.

Eating healthy simply means eating the right type of foods and snacks at the right time and in the required amounts. A good number of people avoid going to a vending machine simply because he or she thinks that the products available there contain a lot of sugar, sodium, empty calories, and high on cholesterol. This is not the case with healthy snack vending machines in Los Angeles. These machines offer fresh foods that are healthy and contain little or no sugar, sodium or cholesterol.

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Learning the Benefits of Vending Machines in the Business

The increasing competition in the market and sales strategies have lead to the introduction of vending machines. The vending machines are not only beneficial in increasing sales but are also a very good option to promote the business. This is one of the main reasons that Vending Machines in San Diego are highly preferred by both small and big business entities. Let us go through the idea of using the vending machines in business and making profits by using the right business strategy.

Financial gains: the first and the most important factor which puts forward the idea of vending machines in business is the huge financial gains which can be earned from the vending machines. The Cash Flow starts at the very first moment when the customer gets fascinated by the products displayed over the machine. The fascination developed is the major reason behind the customer putting coins in the machines or using a debit card to make some purchases. The vending machines can serve you 24*7 and 365 days a year without any leaves. If you have chosen the right product and placed your machine at the right place then there is no doubt that you are going to have big benefits.

Healthy Vending Machines Los Angeles

Prevents Over Expenditures: Vending machines are a great option for easy sales and marketing. In case you are starting your business at local level, you can get a machine from Vending Machine Sale services which would serve your purpose. Moreover, there is no need to hire a staff who can work on sales. You can always have an employee who is working for you all the time without any complaints or salary issues. The products displayed on machine does not require any special marketing executives. Moreover, there is no need to invest in real estate to get the right place to start your business.

However, sometimes you have to spend some money on the repairs of the machines which does not cost you heavy on your finances if you have warranty schemes applicable to your purchases then you can get your Vending Machine Repair at no extra costs.

Establishing Business: vending machines is a great deal for your startup or existing business if you want to maximize the sales. You do not have to report anyone and you are the only one who have to get involved into the business which means you can work in your own way. You can take it as a side business to promote your products and sales through vending or you can give your full time involvement to the business. It is a great deal for those who want to get started with a family business

However, when you are starting a business with vending machines, you need to focus on certain important things which includes selecting the right product for your business, selecting the right location to install your machines, and next important thing is to carefully choose the service provider who can give you the best service on the machines such as Loyal Vending. This would be helpful in making sure that you have all the things in place for sales, marketing, and business development. By taking all these things in consideration, you can surely give a chance to establish a business which only has high profits and gains  for you.

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Benefits of Healthy Vending Machines and the Place for Great Snack Foods

Since Healthy Vending Machines now have the capacity to refrigerate unlike those of the past; it is clear that they have far more advantage for healthy options than previous ones. In the past, vending machines would only keep and sustain products that have preservatives to keep them fresh; however – in current times – they can now keep and sustain just about any product that abides by guidelines. With unlimited healthy choices, having a healthy vending machine for your place, office or school will improve the way you, your loved ones, friends, students, employees, and associates snack.

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Why Use Healthy Vending Machines?

At LOYAL VENDING, we believe in people enjoying great snack foods, and one way to always achieve this – is to have a vending machine that’s not just a machine but one that is completely healthy and efficient. We want you to have the best at all times – thus you can get the best Vending Machines Los Angeles from one of the best Vending Machine Companies available here.

Healthy Vending Machines are designed to help you take stock of your eating and snacking habits. You will learn how to feed correctly and appreciate your eating habits. With it, you can learn how to focus correctly on what you consume, and this is the key to making informed food choices.

There is an enormous, growing demand for healthy foods, snacks and beverages in current times, and it is only those that are able to meet such needs – that will reap the largest rewards.

LOYAL VENDING recognizes this and is thus one of those leading Vending Machine Companies revolutionizing the industry – providing premium healthy vending machines that are just outstanding and great for both consumers and business operators. Forget what you ever knew about those old-school vending machines of the past and find out what the current day Los Angeles healthy vending machines can offer you.

Now let’s look into the advantages and reasons why you need Los Angeles Vending Machines for your healthy snacking.

Healthy Vending Machines that are of the finest quality can help serve your frozen foods, healthy snacks, beverages, and coffee, among other organic products.

Healthy Vending Machines Great for consumers

This is for business operators. We believe every business owner in the hospitality niche wants a business that can promote healthy living; anything contrary is evil. Your goal should be to sell items that positively contribute to the overall wellbeing of your consumers. Having the perfect healthy vending machine can help provide your business such leading advantage. It will provide the platform that delivers a wide range of healthy requirements that consumers want. Using the perfect vending machine – your consumers can enjoy fresh organic products, low-carb items, and much more. Since these are great for your consumers, they certainly will be great for you too.

Reaching Out Better

Healthy vending machines carry out their functions much better in areas where people recognize and appreciate the benefits of good nutrition and healthy living. Los Angeles is one of such locations where people value good living, and to promote this further, the best vending machines Los Angeles are available through LOYAL VENDING for those folks willing to enjoy healthier snacks and drinks. Gyms, schools, and health clubs among other Los Angeles spots that utilize vending machines can be praised for taking such steps towards providing healthy living and snacking for its residents.

More and more people now know the consequences of eating junk food, and thus are doing their best to avoid greasy, bad foods. Most people – including you, now look out for options that the body naturally craves for. Healthy Vending Machines Los Angeles from LOYAL VENDING can help fill this need for nutritious snacks and drinks. This blends perfectly with people who have busy schedules, and those who have on-the-go routines.

Los Angeles Vendors

Healthy Vending Machines Uphold Health and Wellness Where It Matters Most

By records, it has been observed that over a third of American adults are obese, with Los Angeles having its fair share. Taking the right steps and action can help minimize this problem. Snacking affects how people live – right from how they work to how they learn, look and feel. However, providing healthy vending machines in strategic locations where they matter most such as schools and offices can serve significantly to help fight this menace ‘obesity’ & other diet-related issues.

Health Vending Machines Create Variety

One major purpose people love having this distinctive machine is due to the break it provides them; that is – from their daily activity, and from their regular snacks. Clearly and practically, healthy vending machines will provide several snacking options that cannot be obtained by bringing snacks from home, and they contain much more than what’s contained in traditional vending machines. For instance, some categories of LOYAL VENDING Healthy Vending Machines have the capacity to contain hundreds of healthy snack options. The wide range of such healthy options will bring to you – fresh delightful flavors at all times – and offer you a much better way to take and enjoy a break.

Healthy Vending Machines Add to a Positive Work Culture

When you are able to deliver healthy snack options to your workforce – you will be revealing to them that you genuinely care about their health and well being. This will, in turn, generate a more positive perception of your business and improve business relationships. Aside from this, your workers will be much happier and better when they snack only on healthy items while at work; instead of silently killing themselves with sugary junk foods that will cause them to feel weary.

With a special healthy vending machine available for your employees to utilize during break hours, they will be more in the cards to spend time with their fellow coworkers, which directly will help build a stronger and more allied workforce.

Healthy Vending Machines Help Create Healthier Society

With the provision of Los Angeles healthy vending machines at your place of work or at school, you will be doing a great deal helping your business, school, and ultimately helping your community to flourish. When your community flourishes with good health, it further helps to promote a healthier society and nation.


Healthy Vending Machine as Next Generation Snack Machine

Vending Machines has really come a long way; from days when all that was stocked in it was junk snacks and unhealthy drinks. From one experiment to the other, it has evolved into machines that now stock healthy food options for people to enjoy – whether they are at the gym, school, or place of work.

These next generation healthy vending machines simply look amazing. They are quite large and are about 50 percent more efficient than the old-fashioned ones. Talk about the lights (they are LEDs), and where the old versions have corkscrews clumsily dangling stacks of chips, the new healthy vending machines utilize conveyor belts to effect movement and dispensing. These machines also accept credit & debit cards.

Another amazing thing about these next generation healthy machines is that of the display unit at the top which functions and runs adverts, informing users and consumers about the health-giving products that can be found within the machines.

One issue that people think about is that there is insufficient access to nutrition and they feel this is a very big problem. But then – the bigger issue is lack of education. This is because until you educate someone – they might not even know that they need nutrition in the first place.

Healthy vending machines are now very popular and have sold in thousands across states – to different operators, business owners, and individuals who stock them up with diverse nourishing products that comprise foods, energy bars, juices, and snacks among others.

As a result of the so many benefits these machines provide, they are highly sought after at hospitals, schools, office locations and other public areas.

Interestingly – there are highly customized and newly improved healthy vending machines that also cook and serve up frozen foods to consumers delight.

For children who go to school without breakfast, the healthy vending machines come quite handy and are great for providing kids complete healthy meal.

Healthy Vending Machines Los Angeles

Healthy Vending Machines Enjoying Rapid Growth in this century

With modern day healthy vending machines, every snack you grab now will be wholly nutritious. No more unhealthy snacks and beverages. Wherever you find a vending machine, you can rest assured that you will get special food preferences to keep your energy alive. Even your workplace will have loads of fresher food options to offer as a result of the rapid growth of healthy vending machines globally.

We won’t say that the trend of institutions and workplaces adopting the healthy vending machines is new, however – businesses in that space have been experiencing huge growth currently and is something to truly be proud of. With LOYAL VENDING MACHINES – a company approved and trusted with the supplies of these machines, more and more enterprises are now getting delivery of this – with the benefits of enjoying enriched products like natural smoothies, dried fruits, beverages and other healthy products. The company has carved out a niche in this industry with steady growth, and with revenue on the upward swing over the last few years.

LOYAL VENDING MACHINES as a company asserts that healthy vending is now a multi billion-dollar industry, though only a few are paying attention to it. Nonetheless, the company is doing its best to educate and reach out to more consumers seeking ways to get healthier food, swiftly. The mission is to create the avenue where Wholesome Foods can be gotten and enjoyed everywhere we go.

While the healthy vending machine industry is growing, so also is competition. The company has thousands of machines all through the United States – carrying products such as healthy yogurts, coconut milk and much more. The industry provides so much opportunity as the concept has been very well accepted in several quarters.

The company works with franchisees that place these vending machines in offices, schools, gyms, theaters/cinemas; just anywhere people might be looking out for healthy snacks. The company boss says a high volume of their machines is now currently available in diverse institutions. The company is doing its best in this context-keeping to the rules and regulations established by USDA which requires Smart Snacks in Schools. The idea is to ensure institutions substitute traditional vending machines with the new healthy vending machines.

On the other hand, businesses are also driving the growth of these machines – with places of work finally starting to recognize that employees operate much better when they snack on healthy bars and yogurt drinks – rather than guzzling several bottles of Cokes daily.

These machines have found their way into various schools, business locations, community centers, shopping malls and government buildings. In a typical office setting, the fresh food provided by these machines can conveniently fill demands formerly met by traditional fridges and vending machines. LOYAL VENDING MACHINES hopes to generate convenient self-service options that are not just suitable, but that is truly worth seeking out.

With the rapid advancement in technology, these machines are also advancing with features just as quickly as demand calls. Vending machines are now super smart and intelligent – and even come with social media functions, touch screens, and also with facial recognition for identifying repeat users and consumers. Business franchisees can strategically show adverts, monitor trends & also educate consumers about healthy eating.

Healthy Vending Machines Los Angeles

With the expansion of Healthy Vending Machines – all of America and the world at large will soon be getting a taste of its successes, enjoying healthy wholesome meals. Utilizing any of LOYAL VENDING MACHINES healthy vending machines can help consumers enjoy a variety of great tasting food options (healthy chocolates, chips, and even salad).

Fresh Salads that are perfectly layered with ingredients such as tomatoes and lettuce can now be enjoyed at your place of work, school and even at the gym.

With more and more of the company’s vending machines being sold on a large scale, there will be more distributed healthy food network to keep more people healthier and alive.

You can also Enjoy Hot French Fries Dispensed from these Vending Machines.

The choice of healthy foods that you can get from the vending machines is surplus – and while you have salads to boost your body system for a meal, you can mix things up with special hot French fries. This is simply great meal options on the go!

The vending machines have been developed to serve you fresh lots of French fries and other condiments, to your satisfaction and enjoyment. These particular categories of machines have been designed with the capacity to deep fry frozen potato chips, and then dispense them out to consumers as special hot fresh French fries in less than three minutes.

The French fry healthy vending machine might not be as popular as other types at the moment, but with time and acceptance, we hope this will reach out to more institutions in the U.S and soon become a worldwide reality.

Restaurants have so much to benefit from these vending machines as this help to automate and speed up things. It is fundamentally ideal for restaurants seeking high-tech channels to reduce costs and accelerate work behind the scenes. This will certainly help take care of the essentials, right from point of ordering to pick-up. This is simply innovation at its best – offering opportunities for touchscreen orders & payments.

With the best of Los Angeles Vending Machines from LOYAL VENDING MACHINES, consumers have so much to gain – with the benefits of healthy snacking going the extra mile to improve your overall health. You will be able to consume as many cups of fruits and vegetables on daily basis, consume healthy lean meats, fishes, seafood, poultry, nuts and beans on the go. Enjoy special beverages with less sugar or saturated fats, and never skip meals anymore.

Intelligent snacking should be a part of every consumer’s healthy eating plan, as far as there is room to select the right snacks – doing so carefully. Healthy snacking offers you so much – such as helping you avoid over-eating issues, and is also a great means to provide you with required nutrients that you might skip during mealtimes, most particularly for children and growing teens at schools.

With the best Vending Machines Los Angeles – enjoy healthy snacking and,

  • Minimize stress, boost focus and productivity at your workplace. Consuming healthy snacks helps boost your energy level, and improve your overall performance.
  • There will be no hindrance to accessing good nutrition. With healthy vending machines loaded with low-calorie, healthful, gluten-free, organic, and low-fat food options, there is nothing better.


Begin today, incorporate the use of healthy vending machines at your restaurants, offices and wherever you deem fit. This will deliver great impactful changes to your health and those of your customers and employees.

LOYAL VENDING MACHINES offer you just the healthy snack choices you crave for. Order yours today and live healthier!

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China’s Newest Innovation: Live Crab Vending Machines !

The crustaceans even come with crab vinegar and ginger tea !
Gwynn Guilford Sep 13 2013, 10:53 AM ET

Vending Machines For Sale Los Angeles

Live hairy crabs are displayed in a vending machine at a main subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. (Sean Yong/Reuters)

It’s that time of year again, when the people of China unite in tearing apart exoskeletons to suck up the flesh of hairy crabs. From August to October, the crabs—which get their name from the hair-like tendrils that grow on their claws—sell like hotcakes throughout China.

Except, hotcakes don’t sell in vending machines. Live hairy crabs? Apparently, yes. On September 11, a vending machine stocked with live crabs appeared on a street in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. The machine, which is restocked daily, sells crabs for around 20 RMB ($3.27), along with the appropriate accoutrements (crab vinegar and two bags of ginger tea).
“It arrived just this evening—we’re the first company in Hangzhou to have one!” Mr. Liu, the vending machine’s owner, told City Express. Liu, who owns the shop next door, is hoping to capture after-hours demand for crabs with the self-service machine. “Crab shops like ours, they generally close at night,” said Liu. “But what are people to do at night when their stomach starts to feel empty and they want to chow down on a hairy crab and knock back some booze?”
If you assumed this cutting-edge invention was brand new, you were wrong. In 2010, another crab vending machine appeared in a Nanjing subway station, pictured below:

An employee loads packages containing live hairy crabs into a vending machine at a main subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province December 17, 2010. The crab dispenser was designed by Shi Tuanjie, Chairman of the Nanjing Shuanghu Crab Industrial Company, who came out with the idea of a crab dispenser 3 years ago. This is the first live crab vending machine in China, and was installed on October 1 this year. The crabs cost from 10 yuan (US$1.50) to 50 yuan (US$7.50), depending on size and gender, and customers are promised a compensation of 3 live crabs if their purchase is dead. The machine sells an average of 200 live crabs daily. Shi plans to popularize the machines on a larger scale to airports, residential areas and supermarkets, according to local media. REUTERS/Sean Yong

Liu bought the latest crab machine from a man named Shi Tuanjie, chairman of the Gaochun Double Lake Crab Company, who owned the original machine pictured above. In its heyday, Shi’s original machine sold 200 crabs a day and boasted crab-savvy innovations, such as climate control and packaging:
The machine’s temperature of 5-10° C preserved the crabs in a dormant state longer than was possible in a stall, leading many people to call them “sleeping crabs.”
But the machine’s winning characteristic was the crab packaging. Sellers typically bind the claws of hairy crabs, which supposedly hurts the flavor. To fix this, Shi built a “Crab Villa,” a multi-tired box designed to make crabs feel like they’re in a cave. Shi says he came up with this idea one day, long after hairy crab season had ended, when he found a crab hiding under his sofa.

What stocked the Nanjing machine, though, was Shi’s upgrade of “Crab Villa”: an edible container that neither broke the crabs’ legs nor suffocated them. Dubbed “Golden Armor,” Shi’s new container could be dropped in boiling water at home, minimizing pinching risk.

Pinch-free crab vending. (Sean Yong/Reuters)

But when hairy crab season rolled around in 2011, Double Lake didn’t restock the Nanjing vending machine. It’s not clear why, but local media reports suggests it was more successful as a marketing stunt than anything else. “Since more people ogled the vending machine crabs than actually bought them, the crab mortality rate was fairly high,” said the Yangzi Evening News.

Even if Hangzhou’s vending machine isn’t all that profitable either, Liu, like his predecessor, is banking on the machine’s marketing benefits in the hopes of boosting his store’s crab brand.

But Liu may have a sales advantage over Shi: the brand integrity of his merchandise. Shi’s crabs came from Gaochun Lake, an area where crabs are considered inferior to those of Yangcheng Lake, the origin of Liu’s crabs. (Gaochun Lake has been associated with so-called “bath crabs”—which are raised in questionable habitats and sold shortly before harvest season to upmarket farms in Yangcheng or Taihu Lakes. Those farms then mix the inferior crabs in with the higher-pedigree crabs, passing them off as the latter when they sell them to distributors.)

But there may be a weak spot in Liu’s endeavor. It looks like Golden Armor wasn’t part of his deal:

more hairy crab

Gwynn Guilford Sep 13 2013, 10:53 AM ET ,

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