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Giving you all the drinks you want and more with a vending service loyal to providing quality

What’s better than a cool drink on a searing hot day? And why just one drink? Why not spoil you for choice? After all, you will have you own preference for what you would like to drink on a hot day. In Los Angeles, the temperatures can really soar. What you need is a vending machine in Los Angeles that provides you with a multitude of solutions, and offers fantastic service. This is just what Loyal Vending aims to do and succeeds in doing so.

Loyal Vending is one of the premier vending machine companies in Los Angeles and has made its way into that elite company by offering unmatchable quality and quantity. Loyal Vending offers a wide arrange of drinks that range from energy drinks to healthy fresh juices. The company believes in giving the customers as much choice as possible. Moreover, Loyal Vending’s machines possess state of the art technology that makes sure that you get your beverage when you want it. A stuck or faulty vending machine is really annoying and we offer the best possible technology to make sure that does not often.

beverage-productsOur vending machines in Los Angeles offer the following:

12 oc Cans

We offer the widest range of 12 oc cans you can find in the entire city of Los Angeles. From coffee, to soft drinks, we offer everything that exists in 12 oc packages.

Bottled Tea

Like some iced tea? Loyal Vending is a vending machine company in Los Angeles that offers you a wide range of iced tea to select from and make the most of. Unsweetened or the sweetest out there, you will find it all in Loyal Vending’s machines.

Energy Drinks

Like an extra shot of glucose at any time of the day? Simply head on to the nearest Loyal Vending machine and choose from a wide variety of energy drinks that offer a wide variety of flavors as well.


Some people just love their milk and Loyal Vending provides it for their daily intake. Offering chocolate, vanilla, low fat, and whole milk, Loyal Vending’s vending machines have got you covered at any time you want.

Fresh Juices

Looking for a healthy vending machine in Los Angeles? Every single Loyal Vending machine offers fresh juices in its stock that are available for your use at any point.

Bottled Coffees

Need your caffeine fix and rush at any point of time during the day? Just look for a Loyal Vending machine anywhere in Los Angeles. Offering a wide selection of bottled coffees, we have all the daily caffeine you need covered.

Bottled Juices

Like the taste of bottled juices more than the fresh ones? Loyal Vending gives you the opportunity to treat your taste buds with a fine selection of them.


People looking for healthy vending machines in Los Angeles will be intrigued to know that not only do we offer a wide variety of normal water, but we also bring you flavored water and many other varieties.

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12 oc Cans

7‐Up 12oz
Arnold Palmer 12oz
Barq’s Root Beer 12oz
Caffeine Free Diet Coke 12oz
Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12oz
Cherry Coke Zero 12oz
Diet Coke 12oz
Nestea Iced Tea 12oz
Pepsi 12oz
Pepsi Throw Back 12oz
Coke 20oz
Coke Zero 20oz
Diet Coke 20oz
Diet Dr. Pepper 20oz
Diet Mountain Dew 20oz
Diet Pepsi 20oz
Dr. Pepper 20oz
Lipton ‐ Brisk ‐ Lemonade 20oz
Mountain Dew 20oz
Pepsi 20oz
Sprite 20oz
Wild Cherry Pepsi 20oz

Bottled Tea

Arizona ‐ Diet Green Tea w/ Ginseng 20oz
Arizona ‐ Green Tea w/ Ginseng & Honey 20oz
Gold Peak ‐ Sweet Tea 18.5oz
Honest ‐ Tea ‐ Half & Half 16.9oz
Honest ‐ Tea ‐ White Peach Tea 16.9oz
ITO EN ‐ Jasmine Green Tea Unsweetened 16.9oz
Pure Leaf ‐ Lemon 18.5 oz
Snapple ‐ Diet ‐ Lemon Tea 16oz
Snapple ‐ Diet ‐ Peach Tea 16oz
Snapple ‐ Diet ‐ Raspberry Tea 16oz
Tejava 12oz

Used Vending Machines Los Angeles

Energy Drinks

5‐Hour Energy ‐ Berry 1.93oz
5‐Hour Energy ‐ Grape 1.93oz
Monster 16oz
Monster Absolute Zero 16oz
Monster Lo‐Carb 16oz
Pit Bull ‐ Pomegranate Blueberry 8.4oz
Red Bull 8.4oz
Red Bull Sugar Free 8.4oz
Rock Star 16oz
Rock Star Rehab Coconut 16oz
Rock Star Sugar Free 16oz



Vending Company Los Angeles



Muscle Milk ‐ Chocolate 14oz
Muscle Milk ‐ Vanilla Creme 14oz
Shamrock ‐ Milk ‐ 1% Lowfat 12oz
Shamrock ‐ Milk ‐ Chocolate 12oz
Shamrock ‐ Milk ‐ Whole 12oz

Fresh Juices

Naked ‐ Berry Blast 15.2oz
Naked ‐ Blue Machine ‐ 15.2oz
Naked ‐ Green Machine 15.2oz
Naked ‐ Mighty Mango 15.2oz
Naked ‐ Pomegranate Blueberry 15.2oz


Bottled Coffees

Starbucks ‐ Espresso ‐ Double Shot 8.4oz
Starbucks ‐ Frappuccino ‐ Coffee 9.5oz
Starbucks ‐ Frappuccino ‐ Mocha 9.5oz
Starbucks ‐ Frappuccino ‐ Vanilla 9.5oz

Bottled Juices

Campbells ‐ V8 ‐ Bottle ‐ Original 12oz
Campbells ‐ V8 ‐ Spicy 11.5oz
Gatorade ‐ Cool Blue 20oz
Gatorade ‐ Fierce Grape 20oz
Gatorade ‐ Fruit Punch 20oz
Gatorade ‐ G2 ‐ Fruit Punch 20oz
Gatorade ‐ G2 ‐ Grape 20oz
Gatorade ‐ Lemon Lime 20oz
Gatorade ‐ Orange 20oz
Honest Ade ‐ Pomegranate Blue 16.9oz
Martinellis ‐ Apple Juice 10oz
Martinellis ‐ Sparkling Apple Juice 10oz
Minute Maid ‐ Apple Juice 15.2oz
Minute Maid ‐ Cran Apple Raspberry Juice 15.2oz
Minute Maid ‐ Orange Juice 15.2oz
Snapple ‐ Kiwi Strawberry 16oz
Snapple ‐ Mango Madness 16oz
Sobe ‐ Green Tea 20oz
Sobe ‐ Pina Colada 20oz
Sobe ‐ Power Fruit Punch 20oz Welch’s ‐ Cranberry 10oz


Aquafina 20oz
Crystal Geyser ‐ Sparkling Lemon
Crystal Geyser ‐ Sparkling Orange
Crystal Geyser ‐ Sparkling Very Berry 18oz
Dasani 20oz
Fiji 500mL
Glaceau ‐ Smart Water 33.8oz
La Croix 12oz
Perrier ‐ Original 11.15oz
San Pellegrino 250mL
Zico Coconut Water 14oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Essential ‐ Orange
Vitamin Water ‐ Multi‐V ‐ Lemonade 20oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Power C ‐ Dragon Fruit 20oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Revive ‐ Fruit Punch 20oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Zero ‐ Go‐Go ‐ Mixed Berry 20oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Zero ‐ Rise ‐ Orange 20oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Zero ‐ Squeezed ‐ Lemonade 20oz
Vitamin Water ‐ Zero ‐ XXX ‐ Açai Blueberry Pom 20oz



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