Fresh Food


Big Breakfast Sandwich – Sausage & Egg 8oz
Breakfast Burrito – Sausage & Egg 9oz
Burrito – Beef 14oz
Croissant ‐ Chicken Pesto 8oz
Croissant ‐ Club 7oz
Croissant ‐ Ham & Cheddar 7oz
Croissant ‐ Turkey & Swiss 7oz
English Muffin ‐ Bacon & Egg 8oz
English Muffin ‐ Ham & Egg 8oz
English Muffin ‐ Sausage & Egg 8oz
FujiSan ‐ Sushi ‐ California Roll 8pc
FujiSan ‐ Sushi ‐ Spicy Surimi Roll 8pc
Multigrain Wheat ‐ Tuna Salad 7oz
Multigrain Wheat ‐ Turkey & Swiss 7oz
Onion Bun ‐ Ham & Egg 8oz
Pasta Salad ‐ Cajun Chicken 15oz
Pasta Salad ‐ Garlic Pesto 15oz
Pasta Salad ‐ Parmesan 16oz
Pasta Salad ‐ Tuna 16oz
Pita – Chicken Whole Breast 10oz
Pita – Club 10oz
Pita – Ham & Cheese 10oz
Pita – Turkey & Swiss Cheese 10oz
Pita – Wheat – Tuna Salad 10oz
Pita ‐ Chicken Pesto 10oz
Fruit Cup ‐ Mango 8 oz
Fruit Cup ‐ Melon Mix 10oz

Fruit Cup ‐ Pineapple Grape 10oz
Fruit Cup ‐ Salad w/ Dip 13oz
Fruit Cup ‐ Strawberry 10oz
Round Sandwich ‐ Grilled Chicken Burger 10oz
Round Sandwich ‐ Malibu Chicken 9.5oz
Salad ‐ Asian Chicken 10oz
Salad ‐ Chef w/ Turkey 11oz
Salad ‐ Chicken Caesar 9oz
Salad ‐ Greek 8oz
Salad ‐ Spinach w/ Walnuts & Strawberries 7oz
Salad ‐ Tuna 7oz
Salad ‐ Veggie Plate 13oz
ReadyPac – Bowl – Bistro Cran Walnut 5.75oz
ReadyPac ‐ Bowl ‐ Bistro Caesar Lite 5.5oz
ReadyPac – Cup – Grapes 6oz
ReadyPac – Super Fruit Medley 6oz
ReadyPac – Apples & Cheese w/ Caramel Dip 4oz
ReadyPac – Apples, Celery, Raisins w/Peanut Butter 4oz
ReadyPac – Veggies, Hummus & Sunflower Seeds 5.3oz
Wrap ‐ Cajun Chicken 10oz
Wrap ‐ Chicken Caesar 10oz
Wrap ‐ Ham & Cheese Lavash 10oz
Wrap ‐ Turkey & Swiss Lavash 10oz
Wrap ‐ Turkey Spinach 10oz
Wrap ‐ Veggie 10oz


Fresh Grill



Fresh Grill is a leading manufacturer brand in schools and hospitals throughout California, packaging fresh grab and go foods using the freshest ingredients. Our premium and oh so delicious sandwiches and entrees are made using local suppliers, and baking our bread fresh daily in our own bakery. Fresh Grill is proud to be an innovator of freshly prepared health conscious grab and go entrees. Our Fresh and Better for You products follow strict guidelines of 400 calories or less per single-serving entree with only 4 grams of fat or less per 100 calories. We pack big bold flavors into our rainbow assortment of Crisp Entree Salads, Yogurt Parfaits, Multi Grain Sandwiches and so much more!

Below is a sampling of some of our current products;  Visit if you would like more information.


Chicken Salad with BBQ Sauce Vinaigrette.
Garden Salad
Krab and Louie Salad
Very Berry Salad
Chipotle Hummus
Italian Style Grilled White Chicken Wrap
Italian Vegetable Wrap
Health Nut Turkey Breast on Multigrain
Ranch Turkey Club
Turkey and Cheddar on Wheat
Turkey and Swiss Sandwich on Wheat
Turkey Breast and Jack Cheese with Southwest Mayo
Artisan Chicken Salad on Marble Rye
Chicken Salad on Wheat
Cranberry Chicken Salad on Dark Wheat
Gourmet Chicken Salad on Multigrain
Health Nut Tuna on Multigrain
Artisan Tuna Salad on Wheat
Gourmet Tuna Salad on Multigrain
Roast Beef and Cheddar on Onion Roll
Roast Beef Panini with Seeded Mustard Spread
Peanut Butter With Strawberry Preserves on White Bread
Caprese Ciabatta
Caprese Panini
Italian Muffuletta Sub
Italian Submarine
Protein Plate
Egg and Cracker Snack
Egg Potato Bacon and Cheese Burrito
Egg White and Spinach Breakfast
Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito
Ham and Swiss Croissant
Ham Egg Cheese Muffin
Ham and Swiss Pretzel Sub
Bacon Egg Cheese Muffin
Ham and Swiss Pretzel Sub
Peanut Butter with Strawberry Preserves on Wheat
Turkey and Swiss Croissant
Ham and Cheddar on Wheat

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