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Full Service Vending Service for Private schools throughout Southern California

Vending Service for Private schoolsLoyal Vending provides Full Service Vending machines for Privet schools throughout Southern California and is fully equipped and experienced to serve the education sector. With a strong understanding of state and federal nutrition requirements, we recognize that child/adolescent health is an important issue for communities. We work hard to understand the nutritional concerns of parents and school administrators. We are experienced supplying appropriate vending options for schools and colleges. Our staff will work directly with school staff to design the right product options for your school.
Vending Machines In SchoolsWe offer healthy alternative snacks and beverages in local elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, private schools, college and universities.


Loyal Vending understand the complexity behind on-campus and school vending. We take every measure to ensure that student access to beverages and snacks meet federal, state, and local laws and guidelines. For more information on a refreshment program for your campus  please do not hesitate to call.

  • Do you need to raise funds for school programs?
  • School StudentsDo your students have special dietary needs?
  • Do you need a select line of food items?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “Yes,”
then Loyal Vending has the program for you!

Loyal Vending currently services both public and private schools/colleges and other educational entities throughout southern California and we will continually work with local school officials to ensure the vending needs of the school are being serviced while promoting the well being of young people. We also work with companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Snapple, 7up, Frito Lay, and other food and beverage companies to provide school fundraising programs to schools. Getting started is easy! There is absolutely NO COST to you and NO LONG TERM obligation.

Our success is based on our Full-Service Guarantee© and the way Champion Vending tailors its vending services for your particular needs. From the very beginning, we work hand-in-hand with school administrators to determine: 

  • Fundraising GoalsVending Machines In Schools
  • Upfront cash bonuses
  • Scholarship sponsorship
  • Entrepreneurship Internship Programs


healthy snack

Our focus is on

• Healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurts, string cheese and more!
• Packaging that ensures portion control and limited calories
• Products that limit fats, sodium, caffeine and sugar



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